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Welcome to the one and only official Deathmetalhardcore website. Forget all the fake imitations - this is the real deal. The online home of the members of the Deathmetalhardcore mailing list.

Much like in a discussion group, this mailing list is a group of people who discuss, well, stuff. It's mainly about music, but we've also been known to talk about things like Nachos, Ninjas, or pubic hair. Anything goes, and most importantly, if you have an opinion, you're expected to voice it in the most obnoxious and offensive manner possible. No pansy-ass PC crap. If you think something stinks, then you should damn well say so.

On this website, you'll find a brief introduction to the executive board in charge of the deathmetalhardcore mailing list, as well as excerpts of discussions that have been going on lately.

If you're not a member of the Deathmetalhardcore mailing list yet, click right here and sign up now. New people are always welcome - but be prepared to be viciously ridiculed, especially if you're under twenty or if you like a band that we don't.

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