Album Reviews
These reviews were submitted by Jenn Matthews and were also published in an old issue of the Metal Mafia zine. Go to their website and get your hands on a copy of their latest issue or you'll regret it.

BAPHOMET Records-PO Box 282-Wellsville, OH 43968
Viking Crown- Unorthodox Steps of Ritual
This is from Anton, one of the guys in Necrophagia and it is also the first release from KillJoyís label. This is some black metal. The beginning has this little intro and the one voice sounds like a demented Cartman! But anyhow, the production is real crisp and clear. I like the vocals a lot. You should give it a listen to.

Dekapitator-We Will Destroy...You Will Obey!!!
Okay, I donít really think this is black metal. This is like some thrash music, it is real heavy, but I wouldnít say it was death metal. The vocals arenít death either. I do like this though, the drums sound really good, you can hear everything. The production is excellent. This is a definte must have. Clandestine Blaze- Fire Burns In Our Hearts This on the other hand, I donít care for much. The production isnít that great, I donít think anyhow. Iím not really sure what the vocalist is trying to do. They are super low and you canít even hear them, but I donít think you would want to anyhow. I think he is trying to do black metal vocals. Thumbs down!

CENTURY MEDIA-1453-A 14th Street #324-Santa Monica, CA
Arch Enemy-Burning Bridges
This is the first CD I have heard from these guys and from the title, I was dreading listening to them, because I thought they were going to be some cheesy power metal band. BOY was I wrong. Iím kicking myself in the ass for not listening to this sooner. This is great! Clean vocals, they arenít death metal or anything. The drummer is really great, his double bass is incredible. Pure metal, fucking great CD. Lots of cool riffs and solos.
Dark Tranquility-Projector Iím still wondering if I like this band or not. There are some really cool parts in this CD and there are some real gay parts too. The vocals are more of a blackish metal more than death, but they arenít doing any high pitched stuff either. It is hard to explain. Then this singer also sings, he is singing with this real deep voice. Iím not a fan of that. This isnít horrible or anything, the music is great. This is something I could listen to once a month or something.
Lacuna Coil- In a Reverie Iím a huge fan of these guys. I heard them this summer and I instantly fell in love. If you are a fan of the Gathering at all, you MUST get this album, or anything for that matter that these guys have out. Unlike the Gathering, there are two singers, a female and a male, but both of them have incredible voices. I like it best when she is singing though. The music isnít that heavy at all, but it is just so good. Iím telling you, if you are into female vocals, you have to get this.
Merauder-Five Deadly Venoms I have been a fan of these guys for a while. Iíll never forget meeting one of these guys and I was with Master Zebub and he introduced me as ďthe girl he sleep withĒ. How embarrassing and not that didn't happen!! Anyhow, this is a follow up to their last CD, Master Killer. This is hard core. No getting around it, if you are fan of the music, youíll like it, if not, donít bother. The vocals are scratchy, almost remind me of Snapcase, maybe, Iím not sure if that is the band Iím thinking of. They just want to make me move. Some groove parts, some heavy parts, just a great CD all around. But like I said, if you arenít a hard core, you arenít going to like this!

DIES IRAE PRODUCTIONS-c/o FALMI-PO BOX 337-YISHUN CENTRAL POST OFFICE-S(917612) Death of Millions-Frozen Iím really digging this a lot. This is death metal with black metal screams or vocals here and there. The music is heavy and fast. The production sounds real good. The vocals are real clear. These guys are from TX too, so you might have heard of them.
Dim Mak-Enter the Dragon Iím a fan of this. This RULES!! I was a fan of this after the first 17 seconds. This is kinda like metal and hard core. The vocals are hard core type vocals, the music is fast, but it also has the groove going on too. These guys are from NJ. The production is real good here too. Impiety-Skullfucking Armageddon This isnít bad. Iím thinking I want to describe this as black metal, but it could also pass for death metal. The drummer sounds really good. Some of the riffs sound really cool. All in all, this is another great CD.

The is okay. This is another that can pass for death or black metal. The vocals are a toss up, Iím not sure what they are, I donít think they are death, but they donít sound like black either. There are some death metal vocals here and there. The music is fast, but not super heavy or anything. Hate Eternal-Conquering the Throne This is some pretty good shit. This is death metal, and the vocals sound really familiar, like I have heard them before. But they are real good. The drummer is real fast, the double bass sounds like a machine gun. There is a black metal vocal here and there, but from what I heard, this is mostly death. There are some real cool riffs too. Iím impressed!
Mortis-The Stargate This is the first album by him that I have. So I donít have anything to compare this to. For some reason, I thought this was going to be black metal. But this is more like an instrumental or something like that. There are female vocals which are real soothing. I like them. Then the male vocals are kinda gay. Iím not even sure how to describe them. It didnít seem like the male vocals were used that much. So if this is what it is suppose to sound like, then go and get it!
AC-It Just Gets Worse The only thing I have ever heard from these guys, is that song, Kyle from Incantation has a mustache. That is it. This doesnít sound any different from that. With song titles like, I like Drugs and Child Abuse, You Rollerblading Faggot, I Fucked Your Wife, how could you go wrong? This is funny as shit. I like it.

MAZUR PUBLIC RELATIONS-344 DUTCH NECK ROAD-PO BOX 360-EAST WINDSOR, NJ 08520 Metalo-A Latin Metal Compilation I think everything is in another language, but Iím not sure. I like this, they have one of the best bands on the planet on thisÖ Criminal or course!! Other bands featured are Pissing Razors, Puya, Brutal Thin, Lodo y Asfalto. If you are expecting to hear something like Ricky Martin or something like that, you are dead wrong! This is a collection of some awesome metal. I suggest it to anyone!
Step Kings-Lets Get It On This is different, but I like it. Some of the vocals sound like hard core and then other parts, has a metal feel to them. The music is heavy and groovy, but I wouldnít catorgy it is hard core. They have some real cool metal riffs. This is great, I dig this a lot.

Indecision-Release the Cure
I can go on about these guys for the rest of the page. I heard these guys in Milwaukee and have been SEARCHING for anything on them since then. Then I hear they were opening for SOIA one weekend, but I was out of town, so I missed them. So I nearly pissed my pants when I came home and saw this in my mailbox. This is hard core. They have an awesome sound. The vocals are great, the music has such a heavy feel to it. If you are a hard core fan, GET THIS! I have not stopped listening to this for over a week now.
Another band I saw at Milwaukee. I think these guys have a great sound. The riffs are heavy. The guy could be singing in English, but Iím not sure. They have some real cheesy parts too, like some instrumentals in the middle of a heavy song. Iím like where did this come from?! But all in all, it is a great CD.

This is a kick ass CD. The vocals remind me of the Deftones. The music isnít that heavy, but it still has an awesome sound. This is defineatly a keeper.
Immolation-Failures for Gods I canít compare this to anything, because this is the first CD I have from these guys. I saw them in Milwaukee and I thought they were great. They are super heavy, super fast. The drummer blows me away, he is so fast. I donít know what else to say about it! One of the most complex CDís I have heard in a really long time.

Iniquity-Five Across The Eyes
Death metal band from Denmark and they have been around since 1989! Pretty cool sound to them. The drummer is real good, the music is real heavy. For some reason, Iím not liking the vocals too much, they arenít very clean. But other than that, it is a rocking little CD.
Corpse Vomit-Drowning In Puke This isnít the same band from over here, these guys are from Denmark I think. This is some pretty cool death metal. The vocals seem a bit low here. The music is real heavy, the riffs sound pretty cool. The cover art is a little cheesy, but the album makes up for it.
Wolfheart-Cold Breath^ This is pretty cool. The music sounds awesome. It is real clear, the production is real good. The vocals are black metal I want to say. He doesnít do anything off the wall but they are straight and clean black metal vocals, I think anyhow. The music isnít that heavy though. They have a great sound.
Guidance Of Sin- Soulseducer Death metal, no question about it. Nothing too special about this CD. They are good, donít get me wrong. They have some heavy parts, but for the most part, they arenít that heavy. The vocals arenít typical death either, they are a little higher and not as deep.

Thy Infernal-Satanís Wrath
This is some black metal. Real fast music. He isnít doing any real big black metal screams. The production sounds real crisp and clear. I donít have a bad thing to say about this!
Judas Iscariot-Distant In Solitary Night This doesnít hold back at all, starts off real fast and heavy right off the bat. No gay introís or anything like that. The vocals are black metal. You can hear the hi-hat here loud and clear, but I canít really hear the bass drum at all. You have to really listen to it. Even the snare, the blast beats, seem to go in and out, one minute you can hear them, the next you canít. That is my only complaint here with this.

Lacrimas Profundere-Memorandum
Gay. That is all I can say. Really slow, and melodic. They guy singing doesnít sound bad, he kinda sounds like Pete Steele and then he breaks into some death metal. Iím not a fan.
Summoning-Stronghold More slow shit. This has really long songs. The vocals are black metal. They seem to have some long introís to the songs and then it kicks into it. But from what I could take, it wasnít super fast or anything.
Abigor-Channeling the Quintessence of SatanAfter getting past the intro in the beginning, this doesnít sound bad. This also is black metal. This at least doesnít seem to be real slow like the other two releases. The vocals donít seem that loud, but other than that the production sounds good.
Grabesmond-Xenoglossie Okay, I think this is just keyboards. That is what it sounds like to me. I think there is a chick doing it. It didnít sound like to me there was any vocals. It is very mellow. I hear some clips from movies here and there.
Malignant Eternal-Alarm More black metal from the label. I want to go on a limb and say the drums COULD be a drum machine. They sound far better than any set I have ever hear in my life. But Iím not 100% sure. They have a couple pretty cool parts here and there. This is probably the best one out of all the releases I got from Napalm.
Mactatus-Provenance of Cruelty More black metal. Iím not a fan of the vocals though. I just donít care for them much. The music sounds real good. It isnít super fast or anything, but it still sounds good.

Some black metal from this label as well. I like this. The vocals are real low though for some reason. So that sucks. But I like the music. The drummer is pretty fast. The production sounds real good too. The sad part is I donít even know what this is called! I canít figure it out from the logo on the CD.
Into the Sunless Meridian This is a solo project by one guy. He isnít using a drum machine either. Iím not sure what is going on with his vocals. He is just talking. Some songs he holds a note. It is horrible when he is really trying to sing though. The music for the most part is fast.
Blot Mine-PorphyrogenesisThis isnít the worse thing I have ever heard in my life. It isnít bad. The vocals are okay, this is black metal . The drummer is pretty good, the production sounds real good. The singer doesnít seem to do much with his range and that is boring me the more I listen to it. Otherwise, not bad.

Defender-They Came Over The High Pass
Now this sounds like it could be some cheesy power metal that I wouldnít like. BUT for some reason, the vocals arenít making my ears bleed. I actually like this. This is a solo project too. Iím impressed!
Babylon Whores-King Fear This is one of those bands, I would like but no one else will. This is some good metal. This isnít death or anything. Just metal. The vocals take a couple songs to get use to, but this sounds great. It isnít that heavy or anything. This is real good. I like it!

Garedenian is a band that definitely shows itís roots hailing from Sweden. They are melodic, fast and Brutal. But they have a twist of rock. Female vocals are used, but not ever done. The male singer does a great job harmonizing with the death vocals, not making it sound too mismatched. Get this! (review by Jim Mills, come on, did you think I would be able to write a review like that?!)
White Skull-Tales from the NorthI think this is some cheese! This is some 80ís sounding metal. There are two vocalist, it sounds like, so that doubles the cheese. Acutally, the two vocals donít sound too bad, the one guy has a higher voice than the other. So it isnít that bad. When they sing together, that sounds horrible. The music itself isnít bad at all, I like that.
Sinergy-Beware the HeavensGod, more fucking power metal. The vocals, I can tolerate and I think it is because it is a female. So they arenít so bad. This sounds like it could have dropped right from the 80ís. The music isnít bad at all, that is pretty good. They have some pretty cool riffs.
Satyricon-Rebel ExtravaganzaHere is some black metal. This is the first time Iím hearing these guys, I think they have a couple releases out, but I could be thinking of someone else. The drummer is wicked fast! The music is real good. I canít get over the drummer, he is sounding like a machine gun with his double bass.

I thought I was done listening to power metal for the day. Christ. I have three CDís here. Iím going to be able to sum three of them up real quick. Metalium-Millennium Metalis power metal. The vocals arenít killing me, they arenít as gay as like Judas Priest or anything. The music is fast and that is also keeping my sanity. Now I have Kreatorís new one and Sodomís new one, Code Red. Maybe it is because Iím super young and when the metal heads were listening to there guys, I was running around in spandex listening to Guns Ní Roses and the Bulletboys, (like Ian from Burial, hehe). So I canít compare these to anything they have released, because I donít have anything. Kreator isnít power metal (thank god!). This doesnít sound bad. It isnít very heavy, or anything, but I donít know if it suppose to be. Sodom is okay too. This isnít power metal either! Yeah! This is pretty good, actually, I like this better than Kreator. The vocals arenít anything special or anything. This isnít death metal. The music is fast as shit, and I like it.
Internal Bleeding-Driven to Conquer I love this. I canít stop listening to it. Bill is god, he is an incredible drummer. You canít even compare Frank and Ray, they use to different vocal styles. Frank use to growl through the whole CD and Ray uses those scratchy death metal vocals. It is fast, and it just rules!

Forest of Impaled-Demonvoid
I really like this a lot. This is death metal to me, which some hints of black metal. The vocals sound like they could be more black metal, but I still feel the touch of death. This is great, they are fast, the production sounds great. Some of the riffs are really cool. Get this!! Necrophagia-Black Blood Vomitorium I always like there stuff, because they have the BEST sound clips from movies. You should be also on the look out for a new video coming out from them soon. Well just check the fucking interview. I like KillJoyís vocals a lot here. The first song, there is some cool changes, it is real fast and then it goes into this awesome slower part, then changes again to another slower part. Real good shit. Only four songs though, not enough!!!!!!!
Skepticism-Aes Some killer death metal here. This is one song, it is 27:52 minutes long too. The vocals arenít used too much either, so he isnít singing for the whole 30 minutes. The whole song is real slow. There are some real awesome parts to this song. You donít get bored with this either, because they are doing so many different things, it is unreal. This is killer.
Endvra-Elder SignsThis is a double CD so that is cool already! This has a lot of different stuff going on. There are a bunch of clips and samples from things. The have an awesome sounding flute going on in one of the songs. Really cool instrumentals they have. They have so many different sounds going on, it is so hard for me to even describe them. Both CDís are more than an hour each. This is totally one for the collection!

Testament-The Gathering
This is another band, I have nothing to compare this with. I for one reason or anything, never really got into to these guys. I think I was more into my spandex at the time. I did hear a couple clips from past albums and I thought they were good. This is real good, I like this. The music is pretty cool, the vocals are tolerable. So that is good in my book!

Agalloch-Pale Folklore
This band has so much musical ability, it is unreal. These guys are great. This is black metal. The vocals are great, they have some kind of echo on them, which sounds great. He isnít using only one range, so it isnít boring. This is just excellent, you have to get this!

CDís Received from BandsÖ.
Dan-32 Everett Street; Easthampton, MA This is totally one of my favorites. I got this in Milwaukee and I have been afraid to listen to it b/c I thought it was doom for some reason and I canít stand doom. But to my surprise, when I popped it in, I was mistaken! This band has former members of Shadowís Fall, Exhumed (MA), Scattered Remnants and probably more and I just canít remember them all right now. The vocals are clean metal vocals. They have some killer riffs. The music itself is fucking heavy and there is a couple really cool little slower parts but then it goes right back into the heavy parts. My ONLY problem, it is only three songs! What the fuck?! They are going to be recording sometime in the new year so look for a full length soon!
Burial-Mourning the Millennium(Check interview for address)- Another killer bands from Western Mass. Death metal here. The vocals are real low with a cool high pitched scream here and there. The music is great, it is real fast. One of the better death metal bands I have heard in a long time. Check out the interview, damn it!!
CompressionGreg-PO Box 6726-Towson, MD 21285-6726- Hard core, these guys rule! I have been a fan of them for years. They have a original sound to them. Some of the beats are so killer. Iím not sure what this is called, this is their new one which should have been out around October. Vocals are unlike anyoneís that I heard before. Excellent band!
Chasm-Promotional CD 1999Daniel-6240 S. Kedzic Ave-Apartment 204-Chicago, IL 60629-I interviewed these guys for the last issue and they already have another release out! Real heavy death metal. The vocals are so heavy and aggressive. The music is fast and the production is real good. Their drummer is real good, he is super fast and his blast beats are unreal.
Disarray-A Lesson In RespectThis is some death metal. The vocals are clean for the most part and then there are some death parts. The music is real cool, there is a groove part here and there. The riffs and beats flow together so nicely. The production is real good too, the drums are so clear.
Disfigured-Prelude to Dementia (Check out interview for address!) Here is my FAVORITE underground band. These guys rule. I donít even know where to start. They have the whole NY sound to them. They have so many awesome parts and riffs and shit, I would be here all day going through all of them. They have a cover of Dirty Deeds on this, which is quite laughable. It is just funny to hear that song in death metal! Do yourself a favor and get this!
Eyes See Red-Embrace ItMike- Altlandenbergstr. 19-8494 Bauma-Switzerland-I met this kid on line and he is actually putting all the interviews and reviews on a web site he has (So he is, and his hands are gonna fall off any minute now - Mike) Mikeís band is pretty cool, they are death metal. The vocals donít have much of a range to them, but they still sound cool. Some of the riffs are real cool, there is one on track 1 that I think is great!
Hatred-The OfferingJoe-PO Box 10264; Alexandria, VA 22310- This is some black metal out of VA. This is real good, I like it. The vocals are a lot higher than most of the black metal CDís I have gotten. There are some soloís here and there. The drummer is real good too, he is real fast and he has some cool fills.
Insatanity-The These guys are right out of Philly. This is a two song CD. This is death metal. The sound on the whole CD over all is real low. The one thing that sticks out the most are the cymbal crashes. I didnít realize it was a drum machine at first and I was about to fall out of my chair b/c the double bass was so fast. Sounds really good, musically wise.
Miscreationc/o Scab-PO Box 830-St. Marys 1790-New Australia-I canít figure out what the CD is called, but that band is Miscreation. Four songs here. The vocals here are real low death metal. The music is real fast and the drums sound really good. The production could be a little better, only because the vocals are barely heard. But they have some killer beats to the songs.
Torn Asunder-In Painful Remembrance-LIFELESS RECORDS-PO Box 10312-Holyoke, MA 01041-or-Rusty- 355 Quarry Brooks Drive-South Winsor, CT 06074-This sounds pretty good. This is some death metal. The vocals are real low death. They have a groove part here and there, which is cool. They have some pretty cool parts in this, I like it. Track two has a killer beginning to it.
Twelfth of Never- Blowing Bubbles Through Broken Windows PO Box 7327-Fitchburg, MA is some real slow music with female vocals. She has such a great voice. This isnít heavy at all, I wouldnít even class it as metal. Real melodic. But it doesnít sound cheesy or anything like that. This is really put together nicely. This is real relaxful and it is peaceful to listen to.
Sacrum-Mass GenocidesPO Box 1858-Westfield, MA This is some awesome thrash, from of course MA. That is where all the killer bands are these days. These guys remind me of Slayer, vocal wise. I donít know of anyone musically wise. They are real good, real tight and the production on this is real cool too. They have some sound samples going on too.

World of Hurt-Demo Collection4100 Gatesford-Troy, MI I believe this is a complilation of all the little two song samplers they have been putting out. I love these guys. They are different, they arenít death metal. They are more like just heavy metal. The vocals, I wish there was some way for me to describe them, but I canít, they are so different from anything I have ever heard. They have some hard core-ish parts, then sometimes they have a little death metal vocal style. But for the most part, the vocals are just different. I donít know how else to explain it. You have to pick this up!

Tape Reviews-MIA Records
Atomic BitchWax/Core
This is a split tape, three songs from both bands. Atomic Bitchwax, they sound different. Iím not sure what to even say they sound like. They remind me of Led Zepplin. Totally. The singing and definitely the riffs. Core has a Zepplin feel to it too, but it isnít as noticeable. Actually I could hear these guys having something on the Singles Soundtrack. They have more of a grungier sound to them.
RoadSawThis is another three song promo tape. The music is real heavy. The singing, it reminds me of someone, but I canít think of who. But this sounds good, I like this. The riffs and beats are real catchy. This isnít death metal or anything. This is heavy metal. Maybe has the same feel as Monster MagnetÖ I thinkÖ

Abysmal Fall-Spit in the Face of ChristPO Box 67-East Rochester, NY 14445-0067-The sound seems a bit muffled. These guys are black metal. The vocals have a high pitch to them, but they arenít using just one range, he is mixing it up. There is a really cool part in the first song, Iím not sure if it was acoustical guitar or what, but I liked it.
Anal Birth-Chopped Up Infants CuntAdam-35 Tuthill Street-Huntington, NY 11743-This is a one man band. This is some grind for you. This is really different. I havenít heard too much extreme grind before, and this is definitely in that category, so Iím not sure how to rate it. All I can say is, if you are into extreme grind, contact Adam!
Ciborium-Abomination Album Sampler guys rule! I love them! The tape I have DOES NOT server them an justice. I heard the tape and I was like this is cool, then I saw them live and they blew me away! Totally heavy. They are a three piece. They have a song coming out on Jillís comp and I suggest everyone go pick it up! They are a death metal band and they just rip. You have to either get a tape or go see them live if you are in the area!
Cranial Torment-Death is RisingBill Benakis-32 Paradision Street-Peristeri, 121 36-Athens Greece-Here is some death metal from Greece. The vocals are real low, so it is hard to hear them. They have some okay riffs, but I canít really hear the bass. The production is just really bad. If they had some good production, they would be a killer sounding band.
Deranged-High on BloodJohan Axelsson-Lingongatan 36- 234 43 Lomma-Sweden-These guys are great. I heard them about a year ago at a friends house I thought they were awesome. They are death metal. They are super fast and everything is real tight. They riffs are unbelievable. The drummer blows me away, his blast beats and double bass are incredible! Even for being a tape, the production isnít bad at all. Get this!
Downthroat-Iíve Got My Mothers EyesApartado 157-3780 Anadia-Portugal-This starts off with the intro to Scream the movie. This is death metal too. The vocals are real low, so it is hard to hear him. This has some cool little slower, grove parts. But this is for the most part, in your face death metal. Real heavy and fast.
GodKillsAmerica-Facereel 7 Monks Walk-Penwortham-Preston-Lancs-PR1 0AQ-England-Iím not sure how to describe this. It isnít death metal. The vocals are pretty clean and that makes it sound cool. The music is real good too, they are doing different things, and you arenít hearing the same tempo or riffs over and here. The one song even has killer female vocals.
Idiom Brett-PO Box 2630-East Peoria, IL 61611-This is very different. This is something I would hear in a movie from the ancient years, or an old Chinese movie. There is a couple different instruments used that sounds so cool with everything, it gives it a different sound. There isnít much singing here either, it is mostly instruments.
WitchHunt-Soul Sensitraded This is a copy I think of there CD on XRated. I donít have Erikís address in front of me, if anyone is interested in getting his address, let me know and I can get it to you. This is pretty cool, this is death/ black metal. The vocals seem to be a mix of both. The music is real fast and I would like to think that is on the border line of death metal and black metal. There is some female vocals I heard too, but not much. My dub isnít that great sounding, but Iím sure the CD rules. Go pick it up!

Scratch Bladder Productions-Bill the Cowboy-3538 Paseo Salamoner-La Mesa, CA
I have two releases from Bill. The first is Meth- Transformerz. This is some black metal. Bill mixes samples and different sounds in everything he releases. Some of the riffs are cooler than anything I have ever heard. The vocals are a higher range for black metal. He does mix the range up though so it doesnít sound the same. The Missing Mummy/Mech Kommanderz-Perpetual Innovation is the second release I have. This is a split tape. This seems to be a little more relaxed than the other. From one extreme to another! This is real mellow, but it isnít cheesy or anything. Now the other one, the Mech Kommanderz, is back to being heavy and black metal. Bill has a ton of talent and everyone should get in touch and hear his stuff.